Apartment Living

So as I mentioned before, basically everyone in Korea lives in very tall apartment buildings. Apartment blocks are clustered together everywhere and the average height is about 15 floors. Dean and I live in a 15 story building and our apartment is on the 4th floor. When moving to Korea we had very low expectations of what our apartment would be like. After much blog reading we expected we would be living in a tiny studio apartment with barely any space to move, a shower over the loo and a kitchen in our bedroom/livingroom. However, we are so lucky!!! We have a large spacious apartment with a separate kitchen and living room, 2 bedrooms and a bathroom with a bath!! We couldn't have asked for better, seriously! So without further ado, here is a tour of our place :) 

View out the back door of our apartment. The far, tall buildings are where our schools are. 

Our kitchen/dining room (we did not choose lovely table cloth)

Koreans love their wall paper. As you can see, all our cupboards are papered differently.

Our lounge with a flat screen TV too. 

Our spare room (for anyone who wants to visit us). Currently our walk in closet.

Koreans use very strange/unusual linen. We were limited for choice here with hawain type flowers.

Great! We have a bath (not common), and our shower doesn't drench the place too much!

Laundry room/balcony.

View from the laundry room/balcony (not very exciting).

Outside look of our building, taken on a Friday market day.