Arriving in Korea!

So, I have finally gotten around to starting a blog, one week in. It seems to be much more complicated and technical than I thought. Now that I have managed to change the language from Korean, things should hopefully be easier!

We arrived in Korea about 21 hours after leaving Cape Town. We were extremely glad to get off the aeroplane at Incheon airport but it meant another 4 hour bus drive to Jeonju. It wasn’t half bad as the bus had reclining seats and some Korean cooking TV for entertainment. After a very quick pitsop (Korean’s are very timely people, 15 minutes means 15 minutes!!) at a very busy intercity bus terminal, we had had our first taste of the Korean culture.
When we finally arrived in Jeonju, (at 11:00pm) we were met by our school director Joanna. She was jumping up and down and waving when we got off the bus, she was clearly very excited to see us. She took us to our apartment and picked up some groceries along the way (Yes, the shops seem to be open all night). Before she left us to pass out, Joanna explained to us a few things about the apartment and gave us some Korean translations so that we could get around easily. Our timing arriving in Korea was perfect because the day after we arrived (Friday, 6th June) was Memorial Day which meant we had a long weekend to get settled and not have to worry about work until Monday!