Easy DIY Christmas Tree

Sadly, Christmas is not a big holiday in Korea and it is a little depressing that there is no Christmas spirit, and only a few very sad Christmas decoration displays in some of the shops. We have already had quite a bit of snow so it looks like it will be a white Christmas. This year I decided to be a bit unconventional with our Christmas tree and so I (with Dean's help), got a bit crafty.

This paper tree looks great on the wall and it was really easy to make.

What you need:

- doilys

-colour paper for the 'decorations'

-double-sided tape

-spray paint

-brown paper for the trunk (I used an old paper bag)

How to:

Making this tree is really easy and hardly needs an explanation. Simply spray paint the doilys, and once they are dry, start arranging them on the wall. 

I used double-sided tape to stick them to the wall but you could also use Prestik. Once you have your tree, add your trunk and decorate it with some colour paper. 

I also topped my tree with a home-made 'star' made out of toilet rolls. I spray painted the toilet rolls and added some glitter glue. 

There are so many great DIY Christmas trees on Pinterest and I'm not quite finished with decorating for Christmas yet. 

DIY gold animal jars

Last weekend I joined a great group of girls for a #DIYDaysInKorea meet up (read more


). It was a lovely afternoon filled with lots of DIYing and yummy things. Now that the weather is cooling down, I think I will be spending more time indoors so it has got me thinking that it's a perfect opportunity for me to be a little creative.

For my first "project", I made gold animals jars, simple yet effective. They are really cute and perfect for storing all my nuts and seeds in. I took my inspiration from a few Pinterest posts and I am really pleased with how they turned out.

What you need:

-plastic animals (these are really easy and cheap to find, I got some at Daiso and some at another stationery store)

-glass jars

-glue (I started using a glue gun but then found that superglue actually worked better)

-spray paint (really easy and cheap to find here in Korea)

How to:

I recommend giving the animals a coat of paint before you stick them to the lids so you can get in those hard to reach places once glued. Make sure to spray them from a distance so that the paint is even. Allow them a few hours to dry properly before sticking them to the lids of the jars. Then, allow time for the glue to set. Once the glue has set you can spray the animals and lids, making sure you cover everything nice and evenly. You might want to do a few coats, depending on how well the spray paint covers. Again, leave for a few hours to dry.

I love my new jars and I think I might have to find some more things that can be stored in jars. I am going to keep my eyes out for some pastel coloured spray paint and some more cute figurines.